Utilise 'last' chance for constitution, says PM

Surkhet, July 21

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala urged everyone to make good use of the ‘last’ chance to draft the constitution of the Republic of Nepal.

Speaking at a feedback collection programme in Birendranagar of Surkhet today, PM Koirala also expressed serious concern about the anti-nationalist elements’ bid to foil constitution promulgation.

“Some forces are up to hindering the statute promulgation, but let me make it clear that nothing can come in the way of people’s much-awaited statute,” said Koirala, urging the people to utilise the chance to give their feedback and suggestions on the draft statute.

“Since we’ve long waited for this moment, we should seize the opportunity. If the chance is wasted, statute promulgation will once again be uncertain,” he said.

Condemning the programmes of agitation and strikes, called with malicious intent to disrupt statute drafting, Koirala hailed the public participation in the feedback collection programmes across the country despite obstructions.

“Although their demands are legitimate, their way to get their concerns heard is out-and-out wrong,” held Koirala, who also took the opportunity to urge all dissatisfied groups or parties to settle their differences in an amicable way.

The PM pledged to incorporate people’s suggestions in the new constitution. “Allow me to pledge that the statute will be as per the people’s wish rather than being according to the political parties’ or government’s choice,” he vowed.

Participants at the programme voiced a number of suggestions to the prime minister. The feedback included demands to carve out federal states from south to north, decrease the number of states, directly elect head of the state, and fix criteria for persons holding top and important posts of the country.