Ultra-left whipping up anti-India sentiments, says Yadav

Kathmandu, October 8

Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum–Nepal Upendra Yadav today said Madhesi and Tharu forces were blockading the entry points on the Nepal-India border, but some ultra-left leaders, including some from CPN-UML and the Unified CPN Maoist parties, were wrongly blaming India to divert people’s attention from the real issue.

Speaking at Reporters Club, Yadav said the agendas of Tharus and Madhesis were the agendas of the entire country and   the big three parties must address these concerns in order to give the country an outlet.

He warned political forces not to unnecessarily whip up anti-India sentiments in relation to the current agitation in Madhes, which was being steered by Madhesi and Janajati forces.

Yadav said marginalisation of Madhesis, Tharus, indigenous nationalities and discriminatory treatment against these groups must end. “Attempts are being made to deny rights to Madhesis, Janajatis and Dalits. The state cannot escape its responsibility by dragging another country into controversy,” he said. He said all the forces that were blaming India for the current blockade needed to devote their efforts to address the concerns of the protesting forces that were imposing the blockade.

He said the ongoing agitation would end only when the issue of provincial boundary was resolved.

Madhesi leaders also said discussion on the report of the erstwhile State Restructuring Commission could lead to satisfactory solutions. He said the UDMF had not presented any demand to the big three parties but were only asking them to implement the eight and 22-point agreements that the state had signed with Madhesi forces in the past.

When asked about the current efforts of the major parties to form a new government, Yadav said his party had only boycotted the constitution making process in the CA and not the Parliament. “Had the big three parties responded to our demands, we would not have boycotted the CA,” he argued.

When asked if his party supported any major party to form the next government, Yadav said no decision had been taken on it.”

Yadav termed the government’s decision to register constitution amendment bill in Parliament a drama. “The government registered the constitution amendment bill without forging consensus with us. This can create problem of ownership tomorrow,” he argued.