Ultra-modern bus terminal inaugurated

Biratnagar, January 30

Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai inaugurated an ultra-modern bus terminal in Biratnagar today.

Speaking at the inauguration, the CM also said there were a number of plans for the temporary provincial headquarters. “Biratnagar is not only a business hub and a place of historical significance, but also the temporary headquarters of the province. We have a number of plans to develop this as a model city in the country,” Rai said.

“Just as in Biratnagar, the provincial government is committed to carrying out development projects in other districts as well,” he said, adding, “Let the local bodies first make their master plan for development in their respective areas. Then the provincial government will choose the projects for implementation on priority basis.”

Further, citing the bus terminal project as an example that shows that any project can be completed in time if carried out with determination and will.

Internal Affairs and Law Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki and Social Development Minister Jivan Ghimire also spoke on the occasion. Ghimire said his ministry was going to launch a special programme to help the metropolis get rid of dust.

The terminal was built at a cost of Rs 84.7 million.