UMDF in no mood to name PR candidates

Kathmandu, February 18:

Rajendra Mahato, one of the key leaders of United Madhes Democratic Front (UMDF), has said that if their six demands are not met, they will not submit the closed lists of candidates for the forthcoming Constituent Assembly polls. The deadline for the submission of candidates’ list is February 20.

Addressing a press conference organised here today, Mahato said that the six demands put forth by the front are meant only to make the atmosphere conducive for the CA polls and rest of the rights they would seek through the polls. He urged the government not to use force against the peaceful agitations and demanded free treatment for all injured cadres.

Mahanth Thakur, the president of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party, another partner of the UMDF said that their demands are intended to include the deprived Madhesi people in all sectors of governance, but their theory of inclusion is being misinterpreted as a theory of disintegration. “Oppressors are always the losers and the oppressed have finally won the battle,” he said.

Upendra Yadav of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (Yadav) said that the front was forced to take to the streets as the government failed to honestly implement the Interim Constitution and the agreement reached between the agitating factions.