UML GS accuses govt of acting against Constitution implementation

POKHARA: CPN-UML General Secretary Ishwor Pokharel has accused the current government of registering the Constitution amendment bill in the Legislature-Parliament to deliberately foil the Constitution implementation process.

Leader Pokharel was speaking at an interaction on Constitution implementation and people expectation by the Human Rights and Social Justice Forum.

He even accused Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal of fearing to hold elections as the Maoist party would face a defeat.

Pokharel urged all political parties to hold elections before the set deadline to avoid the Constitutional void and to save the democracy and the existence of political parties.

The leader defended the Constitution promulgated in 2015 claiming no country in the world had issued the constitution with cent per cent consent. Nepal promulgated its Constitution with more than 90 per cent approval from people's representatives and it was good, he claimed.

Pokharel also expressed his surprise over why the names of Dalits, Madhesis and Janajatis were being used for the Constitution amendment, claiming they were already given enough rights.

Meanwhile, speaking in the different context, Pokharel said Nepal should maintain a harmonious and balanced relationship with both India and China as it cannot change its neighbours.