UML leaders end debate on Khanal’s report

Kathmandu, September 4:

The ongoing 20th central committee meeting of the CPN-UML today finished discussion on the political report presented by party general secretary Jhala Nath Khanal. He will give a final touch to the report after incorporating suggestions given by the central committee members. In today’s meeting, over 20 leaders aired their views on the report.

From tomorrow onwards, the meeting will dwell on the party’s internal problems, organisational restructuring and assignment of the party responsibility, according to a central leader.

A leader told this daily that a section of the central committee, which is loyal to standing committee member KP Sharma Oli, was highly critical of Khanal’s report, saying that Khanal’s leadership

failed to form a national consensus government as mandated by the party’s 18th central committee meeting. Other leaders are said to have criticised

the party leadership for being too power-centric, rather than focusing its attention on drafting a new constitution.

However, a large number of central leaders was supportive to Khanal’s report and said the party had taken a right direction following the CA polls debacle.

“This government can be said a national consensus government even though NC did not join the government,” said a leader, defending Khanal’s report.