UML-MC leading in provincial polls also

Kathmandu, December 9

The left alliance has dominated results of provincial polls, too. As of 9:00pm today, CPN–UML and CPN-Maoist Centre have won a total of 30 and 17 seats in provincial assembly elections, respectively.

On the other hand, Nepali Congress has only bagged seven provincial assembly seats across the country. Naya Sakti Party-Nepal and an independent candidate have also won one provincial assembly seat each, so far.

Likewise, a total of three women candidate have been elected in the provincial election till now. Some leaders, touted as future chief ministers of their respective provinces, have also won in the election.

In Dang-2 ‘Ka’, UML’s Shankar Pokharel from the left alliance has bagged a provincial assembly seat, with 20,723 votes.

In Dolpa Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, the left alliance candidate won the election with 5,490 votes. The alliance’s candidate from Dolpa Constituency 2 ‘Kha’ Bir Bahadur Shahi clinched victory with 6,414 votes.

Another left alliance candidate of Kalikot Constituency ‘Ka’ Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, also seen as the future chief minister of the province, won the election with 12,353 votes.

Another possible candidate for chief minister Prithibi Subba Gurung won the election from Lamjung Constituency ‘Kha’ with 23, 188 votes. Likewise, in the Constituency ‘Kha’ of the district, UML’s Dhananjaya Dawadi won the poll with 20,265 votes.

UML’s Bal Bahadur Samsohang won the election in Taplejung district, with 15,417 vote.

In Bojpur Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, Rajendra Kumar Rai won the poll with 19, 297 votes. Likewise, Bhojpur Constituency 1 ‘Kha, UML’s Sherdhan Rai clinched victory with 20,334 votes.

In Solukhumbu Constituency ‘Ka’, UML’s Uttam Kumar Basnet won the poll with 10, 585 votes where as in the constituency ‘Kha’, the party’s Buddhi Kumar Rajbhandari emerged victorious with 10,387 votes.

In Rasuwa Constituency ‘Kha’ NC’s Prabhat Tamang won the election with 6,976 votes, whereas in the constituency ‘Kha’, Naya Shakti Party-Nepal’s Prem Bahadur Tamang won a provincial assembly seat with 7,040 votes.

In Dhading Constituency 1 ‘Ka’ Shalik Ram Jama Kattel of CPN MC won the election with 23,382 votes. Likewise, in the Constituency 2 ‘Ka’, Ram Kumar Adhikari of UML won with 20,368 votes.

In Kathmandu Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, NC’s Dipendra Shrestha won with 6,231 votes, while in Constituency 2 ‘Kha’, UML’s Ganesh Prasad Duwal won with 4,242 votes. His nearest opponent NC’s Suraj Chandra Lamichhane bagged 4,223 votes.

Likewise, Kathmandu Constituency 3 ‘Ka’ Chhiring Dorje Lama of NC won the election with 6448 votes while his nearest opponent Rudra Bahadur Baraili of CPN-MC garnered 5,335 votes. In Kathmandu Constituency 4 ‘Ka’, Narottam Baiddhya of NC won the provincial election with 8,719 votes. His nearest opponent was Nimal Kuikel of UML who got 7,794 votes.

In Kaski Constituency 2 ‘Ka’, Krishna Bahadur Thapa won the election after securing 15,329 votes against his closest rival NC’s Guruprasad Baral who managed only got 8,325 votes. Bindu Kumar Thapa of NC was elected in Kaski Constituency 2 ‘Kha’ with 10,726 votes. His closest rival was Raj Kaji Gurung of CPN-MC who bagged 9,924 votes. In Gulmi Constituency 2 ‘Ka’, Khadag Bahadur Khatri of UML won with 16,165 votes. His nearest opponent Shalik Ram Panthi of NC got 11,673 votes.

In Myagdi Constituency ‘Ka’, Binod KC of UML was elected with 14,704 votes, whereas in the constituency ‘Kha’, UML’s Nara Devi Pun Magar was elected with 10,868 votes.

In Baglung Constituency1 ‘Ka’, Indra Lal Sapkota of UML won the poll with 17915 votes whereas in Constituency 1 ‘Kha’, Krishna Thapa of Rastriya Janamorcha clinched victory with 15,636 votes. In Baglung Constituency 2 ‘Kha’, Rastrya Jana Morcha’s Take Bahadur Garti won with 11,884 votes.

In Dang Constituency 2 ‘Kha’, UML’s Amar Bahadur Dangi Chetri won the poll with 21,450 votes, whereas in Constituency 1 ‘Kha’, Bir Bahadur Shahi of CPN-MC won with 6,414 votes.

In Mugu Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, UML’s Dan Singh Pariyar won the election with 5,653 votes. In Mugu Constituency 1 ‘Kha’, Chandra Bahadur Shahi also of UML was elected with 6,845 votes. In Kalikot Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, UML’s Kurma Raj Shahi won the election with 11,935 votes, whereas in Jajarkot Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, the CPN-MC candidate won the poll with 16,911 votes. In Jajarkot Constituency 1 ‘Kha’, UML’s Karbir Shahi was elected.

In Dailekh Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, Dharma Raj Regmi of CPN-MC won the poll with 10,361 while Amber Bahadur Thapa of UML was elected from Dailekh Constituency 1 ‘Kha’ with 12,567 votes. In Dailekh Constituency 2 ‘Ka’, UML’s Sushil Kumar Thapa won with 11,819 vote whereas in the constituency ‘Kha’ of the district, Raj Bahadur Shahi of UML was elected with 11,445 votes.

In Banke Constituency 1 ‘Ka’ and ‘Kha’ Krishna KC of CPN-MC and Surendra Hamal won the election with 13,436 votes and 9,211 votes, respectively. In Banke Constituency 3 ‘Ka’, CPN-MC’s Indra Prasad Kharel was elected with 16,675 votes.

In Bardiya Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, UML’s Kabi Ram Tharu won the election with 23,560 votes, whereas in Bardiya Constituency 2 ‘Kha’, CPN-MC’s Dipesh Tharu was elected with 23,632 votes.

In Bajura Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, UML’s Bal Dev Regmi secured victory with 9,840 votes, while in Bajhang Constituency 1 ‘Ka’, the party’s Arjun Bahadur Thapa was elected with 17,868 votes. In the Constituency 1 ‘Kha’ of the same district, CPN-MC’s Devaki Malla (Thapa) won with 16,743 votes and, in Darchula, UML’s Gelbu Singh Bohara was elected with 16,073 votes. In Baitadi, Man Bahadur Dhami of CPN-MC clinched victory with 12,956 votes.