PARASI: The construction of the bridge that began six years ago over Dhanewa River in Sarawal Rural Municipality of West Nawalparasi has not been completed yet. Consequently, locals have been facing problems in lack of a bridge that could connect wards 6 and 7 of the Rural Municipality. Moreover, crossing the river during the monsoon season becomes risky. It has been learned that two people have already lost their lives after they were swept away while trying to cross the swollen river. In 2012, the then Minister for Basic Infrastructure Hridayesh Tripathi had laid the foundation stone for the construction of the bridge.  Since then, negligence on the part of contractor is to be blamed for the delay, said Hayat Khan, Ward Chairman of Sarawal-7. The ward chair further said, "We have been taking the initiative for the project since the contractors have left the project in the midway. The contractors have been ignoring the project. " Hitherto, only four pillars for the bridge have been erected, with the total budget available for the construction project amounting to Rs 36.6 million.