UDMF erases Parsa DCC boards protesting local level structure

BIRGUNJ: Expressing their dissatisfaction to the present structure of local bodies, the United Democratic Madhesi Front cadres have erased the sign boards of District Coordination Committee (DCO) of Parsa district on Monday.

The cadres led by Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal's district chairman Pradeep Yadav, National Madhes Socialist Party's Prem Babu Patel and other local leaders had erased the sign boards at the main gate and the Committee's Office.

The local leaders announced that they would not allow the local bodies to operate and hold the elections based in the present structure.

The new structure of local bodies has been made in such a way that the hilly region's representation in the government would be double of that of Madhes, said Yadav.

He further said that with such a structure, only 30 per cent of development budget would be allocated in Tarai.

The leaders also threatened that they would strongly revolt if the incumbent government used force to hold elections in Madhes.