US calls Nepali citizens, leaders to end corruption

Kathmandu, December 8

As Nepal tallies the results of its historic provincial and parliamentary elections and thousands of new local government officials embody the country’s new federal system of government, the time is ripe for Nepali citizens and leaders to take a bold stand against corruption and allow the country to realise its full potential, the US Embassy said today.

A press release issued by the embassy on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day said Nepal had massive economic and development potential, and its citizens had a sincere and reasonable expectation of quality governance to achieve that potential.

“The United States believes in Nepal’s potential. Our development assistance exceeds $120 million annually, and is aimed at bolstering strong governing institutions, inclusive communities, responsive social services and a vibrant economy.  This is not charity – it is an investment in a partner whose success we can envision,” it read.

“We support Nepal’s leaders and citizens who are calling for an end to corruption under the new and to-be formed government units – those who are saying ‘no more, not on my watch!’ By enhancing transparency in government decision-making, prosecuting corrupt officials, joining the international Open Government Partnership, supporting a robust press and incisive investigative journalism and allowing civil society to thrive, Nepal’s leaders can increase public confidence and assure public support in the state’s redesign,” the release added.

The occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day coincides with the conclusion of milestone elections in Nepal’s political transition. “At this auspicious moment, the United States stands with the people of Nepal in their call for a true political transition and an end to the culture of impunity and corruption,” it said.