Unknown disease kills eight in Humla

HUMLA: Eight people have died due to an unknown disease in Tanjakot Rural Municipality of Humla district. More than a dozen others have been taken ill.

"Eight people have died, as of Friday, due to the disease that spread since last week," said health worker at Maila Health Post, Moti Lal Joshi.

The disease is reported to have started following the rainfall a week ago. Those affected by it have shown symptoms such as headache, dizziness, chest pain and fever, before succumbing to it.

Majority of those who died were also found suffering from asthma or respiratory problems, according to the rural municipality chair Bagchal Chatyal Malla. It has been noted that elderly people and children have been mostly affected.

Meanwhile, a medical team is going to the affected area to assess the situation and provide necessary support, according to Malla.

Problem in identification of the disease and lack of proper treatment is helping it spread further, as the local health posts lack human resource as well as essential equipment.