UNMIN's non-cooperation may derail peace process: Pokhrel

DHANGADHI: Minister for Information and Communication Shankar Pokhrel, who is also the government spokesperson, today said that UNMIN’s non-cooperation in providing the details of Maoists combatants to the government could hinder the peace process.

Talking to mediapersons at a press conference organised by Press Chautari-Kailali in Dhangadi, minister Pokhrel questioned, “When the Maoist combatants are being looked after by the government and they are under the army integration special committee, why should UNMIN hesitate to furnish details of the PLA personnel?”

“The government has taken UNMIN’s non-cooperation as a challenge,” he added.

Government spokesperson Pokhrel also made it clear that detail about the Maoists combatants was essential for their management and food allowance.

In an aggressive mood, he questioned, “In the absence of the details, how can the government move ahead with the integration and rehabilitation plan?”

He maintained that the government would, however, monitor allowance and salary given to the Maoist combatants as misuse of the money allocated for the PLA personal have been rampant.

He said that the government will release the salary of the cantoned rebels within a week.

Responding to a query whether new constitution would be written without a Maoist-led government, Pokhrel said, “Constitution drafting is not the business of the government, it is the duty of the Constituent Assembly so the Maoists will have to take greater share of the responsibility for that.”

Minister Pokhrel, however, challenged the main opposition to garner majority vote and form the government from the parliament.