Upendra Yadav puts condition to sit for talks

BIRATNAGAR: Chairman of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Upendra Yadav said that incomplete constitution would not be acceptable to his party.

During a news conference at his residence in Biratnagar on Tuesday morning, Yadav said that the draft of the constitution was not acceptable to the dissenting parties claiming that it has deprived Madhesis, indigenous, Janajati, Dalits, women and marginalised communities of their rights.

Yadav added that his party would accept the constitution if that ensures inclusiveness, secularism, democracy and republicanism.

He also recalled that his party has already given suggestion for the directly-elected presidential system.

On a separate context, Yadav said that there would be relevant of talks with the four major parties only if they implement the previous agreements signed with the Madhesis, indigenous and others.

Talks would not be held to reverse the past pacts and agreements, he said. He claimed that the four parties were raising the issue of talks just to foil the possible uprising in the near future.

Yadav also hinted at formation of a broader national alliance of Madhesis, indigenous and Janajati among others against the draft of the new constitution.

Asked about resignation from the Constituent Assembly (CA), Yadav said no decision was made to resign from the CA.