Yadav warns of agitation for statute repeal if it’s not amended

Rajbiraj, November 22

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav today warned of launching an agitation to scrap the constitution if the process of amending the constitution was not initiated immediately.

Speaking at his party’s function at Chanhi Malhaniya of Saptari, Yadav accused the government of trying to abort the agreement reached with the United Democratic Madhesi Front by spreading an illusion.

“The former government died because of its reluctance to amend the statute. If the current government works to abort the agreement, its days will be numbered,” Yadav warned.

Stating that the incumbent government had been formed to amend the statute, Yadav held that no progress had been made till date.

Yadav warned that if their voices for constitution amendment were not heard, they would launch an agitation demanding repeal of the statute.

At the programme, the party’s senior leader Ashok Rai said the Tarai agitation had given the protests of indigenous, backward and ethnic communities a national shape.