Results start trickling in

Biratnagar/Dipayal, February 7

If the results Upper House election announced by this evening are anything to go by, the left alliance is way ahead in the race.

UML candidates Khem Nepali and Agam Prasad Bantawa were elected from Province 1, defeating NC’s Bina Kumar Bishwokarma and Mahesh Jaju.

In Province 4, CPN-MC’s Khi Bahadur BK was elected to the seat reserved for Dalits, defeating NC’s Jit Bahadur Nepali. In Province 5, UML’s Ram Lakhan Chamar won the seat reserved for Dalits and CPN-MC’s Raj Kumar Kuwar wrested the seat reserved for differently-abled and minority groups. Open category results are yet to be announced.

In Province 6, CPN-MC’s Jiban Budha has won the seat reserved for differently-abled people.

In Province 7, CPN-MC’s Mahesh Kumar Mahara and UML’s Chakra Snehi have been elected.

Eight winners from Province 3


  • Udaya Sharma Paudel of UML
  • Dil Kumari Thapa Rawal of UML
  • Dhana Kumari Khatiwada of NC

Open category

  • Radheshyam Adhikari of NC
  • Balaram Prasad Baskota of UML
  • Ram Bahadur Thapa of CPN-MC


  • Singha Bahadur Bishwokarma of UML

Differently-abled/minority groups

  • Ramchandra Rai of UML