Upper Marshyangdi-A project to finish in August

Lamjung, June 12

Construction of the 50MW Upper Marshyangdi-A Hydro-power Project has intensified with the aim of completing the project in time.

The hydro-power plant being developed by a multinational Chinese company Sino Hydro is based in Bhulbhule of Lamjung.

According to sources, the company expects to start producing power from the end of August this year.

“As the expectation is to produce power from August, work is being carried out on a war footing. So far, 98 per cent civil engineering work of the embankment has been over, while 96 per cent work of the tunnel has finished. Work on the power house too is going at top pace,” said sources.

Meanwhile, the promoter company is simultaneously working on the development of the transmission line.

“As for the progress on transmission line, we’ve so far erected 51 of the total 54 towers. We’ve also started stringing power cables through the towers,” said the project concern and coordination committee Chairperson Jit Bahadur Gurung, adding that works related to various development activities in the locality are also being launched.

As per the project, water from the Marshyangdi River will be dammed up at Ngadi bazaar in Bahundanda and channelled to a powerhouse in Bhulbhule-3 through a 5km-long underground tunnel.

Around 1,000 workers including 850 Nepali and 150 Chinese are employed in the project.