US Ambassador hopeful about end of blockade soon

POKHARA: US Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B. Teplitz said she was optimistic that the political parties would give up their stance to resolve the current crisis.

During her Pokhara visit, Teplitz interacted with representatives of the private sector on Monday and said the US government held meetings with all stakeholders for resolving the current crisis in the nation.

Teplitz expressed her pleasure that the new Constitution was a milestone in the history of Nepal. She further said the Constitution implementation and gradual necessary amendments would address the desire and aspirations of all Nepali people.

The main reason for the current turmoil is the demarcation of provinces, an issue which is complicated and multi-dimensional, opined the Ambassador.

She urged “Today's need is to resolve long-term effects which could be raised from demarcation of provinces."

She even said an investment-friendly environment would not be created without resolving the current political turmoil.

The envoy was hopeful that development of hydropower would change the face of Nepal. She further suggested Nepal to maintain cordial relationship with India.

The American diplomat, meanwhile, maintained that the US government did not ban its citizens from visiting Nepal, but it just alerted them to be quite cautious.

The advisory could always be reviewed, she added.

Speaking at the function, local tourism entrepreneurs had urged Teplitz to promote Nepal tourism industry in the US.