US climbers extend support to mourning Nepal Sherpa family

KATHMANDU: Tom Bennett, Mark Mitchell, Rob Efaw and Jeff Witt had come to Nepal from the United States with a mission to climb the 6,812-metre Mount Ama Dablam.

Of them, Bennett summitted the peak on October 30. Two of the others failed to go above 5,970 metres. But, it was not a failure…because; they did another "tall" job.

The four American climbers have raised a USD-3,400 fund in support of a Nepali Sherpa family, who had guided Witt for his two Everest expeditions in 2011 and 2014.

"While in the Khumbu, we were visiting Mote Dawa Sherpa and his family," Witt, a US-based international mountain guide and owner of the High Peak Adventures, informed in a statement, "It was a few days after our visit that we learned that his youngest son, Nawang, had drowned into a river in his town."

According to the statement, the fund would be used in 49-day final rituals of the boy and education of the second son Lhakpa in Kathmandu.

"We have found the Sherpa people, much like all the people we have met in Nepal, to be incredibly hard-working, generous and thoughtful people," he said, "It is always humbling for me to spend time in Nepal and remember how kind, hard-working and giving the people are here - from all cultural groups."

"It is an inspiration to me, and always reminds me to do better in my own life," he concluded.