US Embassy promises financial aid

KATHMANDU: The US Embassy has proposed to provide the family of Sunny Nakarmi, who was hit by a vehicle driven by an embassy staffer, with a financial aid on humanitarian grounds. Sunny was seriously injured when a vehicle driven by Jennifer L Karr hit his motorcycle. He is in a coma.

Suresh Nakarmi, Sunny’s brother,said, Eric C Browning Larsen, Human Resource/Financial Management Officer at the embassy told him over phone aboutthe decision.

“Larsen asked us to sign an agreement mentioning that it was Karr’s mistake but an accident, offering compensation on humanitarian grounds,” said Nakarmi. “However, he did not specify the amount.”

Nakarmi said they were not demanding money but reasonable action against the culprit and treatment for the injured. “Larsen has assured us to finalise details on Monday,” he added.