Use of children in protests continues in Tarai

RAJBIRAJ: Despite an urge from various stakeholders against use of children in political protests, the Madhesi Youth Forum on Monday forced as many as 25,000 students from schools, colleges and vocational training institutes to participate in a demonstration in Rajbiraj, district headquarters of Saptari.

The government and other organisations working for child rights have been criticising the Madhes-based parties for using children in their protest in the Madhes region.

The rally started from a local stadium, moved past various parts of the town before converting into a corner meeting at Gajendra Chok in Rajbiraj.

Students chanted slogan against the government during the rally.

Addressing the corner meeting, Ashok Kumar Yadav, Central Committee member of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, accused the government of not being serious about resolving the Tarai unrest.

He urged the youth to launch stern protests against the government apathy.

He further urged that youths should actively participate in the agitations till their rights were addressed in the new Constitution.