Surkhet, April 15

At a time when people in urban areas have been facing long stretch of power cuts, people in Garpan village development committee in the district have no such worries, as 11 small hydropower projects have been illuminating the majority of the VDC. The construction of two more projects is in progress.

Of the nine wards in the VDC, only Wards no 2 and 3 have not been electrified, as the hydropower projects adjoining the wards are yet to start power generation. “People of other VDCs are using the electricity ever since the projects started generating power,” Dambar Lamichhane, a local, said.

The small hydropower projects have a total installed capacity of 25 KW.

Sajhikhola project in Garpan-1, Lahurekhola in Garpan-4, Pokharipata and Ranatol in Garpan-5, Gadelekhola and Chhaharekhola in Garpan-6, Wollo Bhitrikhola and Pallo Bhitrikhola in Garpan-7, Lahurikhola and Dholdhunga in Garpan-8 and Tunikhola hydel project in Garpan-9 are generating power in the VDC.