VDC secys' posts to be 'filled' soon

SURKHET: Minister for Local Development Purna Kumar Sherma today said that his ministry was preparing to fill all vacant posts of VDC secretaries across the country.

Speaking at an inaugural programme of the District Council meeting here, he said the government was planning to fill more than 900 vacant posts by transferring staffers from other ministries.

"We are planning to transfer staffers from other ministries by providing them extra facilities if needed," he said.

He also said that the government has published a notice urging other ministry staffers to work as VDC secretaries. ''More than 200 staffers have shown their interest so far."

He added that the ministry came up with such a decision as there were "legal hindrances" in appointing new VDC secretaries due to the absence of peoples' representatives in local bodies.

Sherma said, "I am hopeful that the new provision will be helpful in filling all the vacant posts."