Veep’s sermon on human rights

Bara, December 10:

Vice President Paramananda Jha emphasized the need of guaranteeing human rights in the drafting of the new constitution while addressing the international seminar in Kalaiya, organised on the occasion of the 60th International human rights day, today.

At the seminar jointly organized by the Human Rights Organizations of Nepal, Rural Development Centre, Human Rights Awareness Center affiliated to INSEC and Social Service Committee Bara Kalaiya, he said that ensuring human rights meant the preserving of rights of all ethnic communities, classes and indigenous people and was a necessity since Nepal was entering into a federal system. VP Jha also said that timely drafting of the constitution would guarantee the collective achievement of the people and the nation as a whole.

Shedding light on his status in the constitution making process, he said that he was like any other commoner, and added that the role of the CA members were very crucial while drafting the constitution.

He stressed on preserving the sovereignty of the nation while continuing with the federal system. “Let’s respect each other, behave gracefully and elegantly. This is human rights”, he said.

On the occasion, he felicitated different organizations and personalities for their contributions on various sectors of the society.

CA member and NC whip Shobhakar Parajuli said that human rights was at peril since violence and murder were on the rise in the Tarai region.