Vehicular movement banned on Jamunaha border

Nepalgunj, March 18

Vehicles have been banned completely at Jamunaha of Nepalgunj to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the main border of Western Nepal from today.

Security personnel in Nepal and India have banned vehicles from entering the border areas. Vehicles are allowed to operate up to Chaulikachowk on the Nepal side. People have to walk several kilometres from Chaulikachowk if they are heading to India in case of an emergency. Voices had been raised seeking closure Jamunaha Border saying that coronavirus, which had spread in India might have entered the country.

Banke Chief District Officer Kumar Bahadur Khadka said the security meeting of both India and Nepal held in Nepalgunj today had decided to ban vehicular movement along the border areas. He said ambulances would be operated.

However, the crowd of vehicles and people has remained the same even though the authority concerned has banned vehicles — even cycles — in Jamunaha Border. Many people are reportedly entering Nepal from India.

Health Department Chief Ram Bahadur Chand at Nepalgunj sub-metropolis said people’s movement and their health check-up would be convenient as the ban on vehicles had come into force. Health workers have been carrying out health check-up of people entering the country in the border areas since early morning.