Vehicular movement over Mirgunj bridge halted

Biratnagar, January 12

The Indian side has completely closed vehicular movement over Mirgunj Bridge to repair the bridge in Bathanaha near Biratnagar customs point.

The Indian side has permitted goods that were imported from third countries through Birpur-Bhantabari road section after re-routing.

Biratnagar Custom Office Chief Shiva Prasad Bhandari said vehicles from India had to wait till January 20 to enter Nepal. He said that India had stopped vehicular movement over the bridge from January 9 after it started repair works.

Bhandari said that around 600 vehicles had reached the office after information that the bridge was closed was given. He informed that it would take four to five days to check the vehicles for border pass.

The vehicles that entered through Mirgunj Bridge would come through Birpur-Bhantabari after passing the border. Bhandari said that vehicles from third countries with goods would be escorted from Bhantabari.

He also informed that permission was taken from the Department of Customs to use Bhantabari border.

Oil Corporation has been supplying fuel from other depots after the Indian side closed the bridge. Vehicles with fuel are entering the country from Barauni.