Vexed UDMF coordinator quits

Nawalparasi, January 3

Agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front Nawalparasi cadres and leaders are furious with some UDMF leaders for revising and modifying the form of agitation to suit their interest under the financial temptation.

They charged some regional and district level leaders with using the party rank and file to defy the central programmes so as to meet their personal interest through their own agitation models.

UDMF coordinator Ram Autar Koiri from Nawalparasi Constituency No 6 put in his papers alleging that some leaders had modified the form of agitation after being lured by the money presented to them by various industries and businesses.

Koiri resigned as central member of his party. Issuing a press statement today, Koiri offered his resignation to his party and UDMF.

In the press statement, Koiri accused district level leaders of taking money from entrepreneurs and businessmen and letting them operate their businesses though the centre had extended the agitation programme till January 3.

Koiri alleged that district level leaders had taken money from Bagmati, Lumbini and Indira Sugar Factories.

Earlier too, UDMF leaders were accused of taking hefty amounts and permitting the movement of heavy trucks at night.

UDMF Nawalparasi Coordinator Mukurji Giri, however, said that Koiri had made such allegations to defame him and other leaders.

Giri said they had given permission for operation of industry, transport and market places.