Itahari, August 30:

Twenty-year-old Kiran Pathak has suffered incalculable loss in Saptakoshi floods. Her house and land went under water when the Saptakoshi river entered Bramhan Tol in Haripur-3. She has been looking for her parents, who went missing the day her house and land got submerged.

“I don’t know whether my parents, uncle and auntie are dead or alive,” said Kiran, the only daughter of Nityananda and Bina Pathak.

“I searched them everywhere in the camps, including in the Inaruwa-based temporary camp at Bal Mandir Lower Secondary School.”

Kiran was at her relative’s house on August 18, the day the river wrecked havoc after breaching a section of the Saptakoshi embankment.

She heard the news of flooding in Dharan. “I rushed home the next day only to see the

disaster,” she said. “My parents and kin have been missing for the last 11 days.”

Her brother Niranjan Pathak has been missing for five years. Security personnel

are learnt to have arrested Niranjan on the charge of being a Maoist cadre. A tearful Kiran said, “I feel left alone in this world now.

I see no reason to live.”

Kiran has not given up hope, though. She hopes to find her parents and relatives one day.

She hoped that her parents

might have been living alongside a distant road.

“I requested the administration, the police and other organisations to find the status of my missing kin, but they have simply turned a blind eye to my woes,” said Kiran.