VIDEO: Highlanders less susceptible to coronavirus infection

KATHMANDU: Nepalis living in places like Mustang, Manang, and certain parts of Dolpa to name fews are less likely to contract the deadly COVID-19, as per a research.

According to the paper titled - "Does the Pathogenesis of SAR-CoV-2 virus decrease at high altitude?' by Christian Arias-Reyes of The University Institute of Cardiol and Respirology of Quebec, Canada and Others; the people living in high altitude may be less susceptible to Coronavirus infection.

The paper defines high-altitudes inhabitants as those living in altitudes of over 2,500 metres above the sea level. "High levels of ultraviolet light radiation radiation acts as a natural Sanitizer in high altitudes" The researchers analysed epidemiological data of high altitude regions of China, Bolivia and Ecuador.