Villagers construct road to fight against poverty

ACHHAM: Residents of Jupu VDC in the district, these days, have started constructing roads leaving aside their daily chores. For the last six months, they have been labouring hard.

Purna Bhandari of the VDC said that he was motivated for road construction since his village was underdeveloped. The villagers have also contributed financially for the construction works. Narendra Rawal of Khimadanda, said they completed a 6-kilometre-long road from Oligaun to Suntukra of Jupu.

He said, "We are determined to connect our houses with the network of roads and we hope that we can accomplish the task and bring development to our village."

Nearly 300 locals, male and female, from all the wards of Jupu have been constructing the road. They have been working voluntarily for the road connecting Baligaun to Mangalsen of Achham. Man Bahadur Bhandari, deputy chairman, consumers' committee, said each family that cannot contribute labour for the construction works has been providing Rs 150 daily to the committee as compensation. The workers have been spending the collected amount for their lunch.

Jupu VDC secretary is elated to see that the road is being constructed without the government spending. LDO Hari Kandel in the district also said that the villagers in Jupu had themselves contributed in development by constructing the road in their own initiation.