Villagers in Bardiya living in darkness

Bardiya, November 15:

Though steel poles were erected nine years ago, residents in Dhanaura have been living in darkness as the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is yet start work for electrifying the village.

Those poles are wireless even after electric lines of high voltage has been brought from a kilometer south of Dhanaura VDC-6.

“We are living in the darkness due to the lack of electricity and NGOs and INGOs also have not helped in electrifying our village,” Maheshwor Bohara, a local, said.

“The government is doing nothing to help us and though electric wires have been taken from our village to another village, we lack electricity,” said a local Khushiram Chaudhary.

Another local Bheshraj KC said, “The NEA wants us to deposit 20 per cent expense of the total investment of electric wiring, but we can’t afford that,” he said. However, the NEA’s Gulariya branch chief Kuleshwor Shah said the wiring could not be completed due to political conflict and informed that the remaining work would be completed by this year.