Viral fever, diarrhoea cases up in Salyan

SALYAN: With the onset of monsoon, the number of patients suffering from viral fever and diarrohea has gone up in the district.

Children and elderly people have been affected the most.

The inflow of patients suffering from viral fever and diarrhoea has also increased at the district-based health institutes, District Public Health Office Salyan's Chief Dr Manisha Rawal said.

Around 80 to 100 patients visit the District Hospital in Salyan on a daily basis, seeking treatment for cough, fever, headache and diahhroea.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of patients, the 15-bed hospital has managed additional 32 beds for the convenience of patients.

Hospital's Dr Najir Khan recommended for drinking plenty of water and liquid foods to increase immunity power that helps us to prevent the possible infection of viral fever and diarrohea in the monsoon.