Viral fever patients up

Dhangadi, September 23

The number of viral fever patients visiting health facilities has been increasing in the far-western region.

Public Health Inspector Siddharaj Bhatta at Far-western Regional Health Directorate, Dipayal said children and the elderly have been affected the most by viral fever.

He also added that several patients were diagnosed with typhoid when their blood was tested.

Fever, pain in the joints and vomiting, among others, are some symptoms of the disease.

Health workers at Seti Zonal Hospital said they have been facing difficulties in treating patients due to a lack of manpower.

Dr BS Bohora said, the hospital was overcrowded after viral patients from across the region started pouring in.

Bhatta further added that the stock of medicine was depleting in the region due to overwhelming number of patients.

Health Assistant Tej Bikram Shahi at District Health Office, Doti said that the shortage of medicine and health workers has hit the flu-affected areas hard.