Viral fever patients up in Tanahun

Damauli, September 26

With the change in season, cases of viral fever have gone up in Tanahun district in the past one week.

According to Damauli Hospital Information Officer and Nursing Officer Janumadevi Sharma, more than 150 viral fever patients visit the hospital for treatment every day these days.

“Some 200 patients come to hospital for treatment every day; out of them over 150 are viral fever cases,” she said, adding that typhoid patients make up the second highest number of cases visiting the hospital for treatment.

The ones who are in serious condition have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, more than 20 dengue patients have visited the hospital for treatment so far, according to the hospital.

Similarly, increase in cases of viral fever and typhoid has also been the case in other hospitals of the district, including Bandipur Hospital, National Apollo Hospital, Laxmi Hospital and Chimkeshwori Hospital.

“As there has been an increase in the number of viral fever and dengue patients of late, the health workers here are having a hard time providing service to them,” said National Apollo Hospital operator Chudamani Dahal.