Voting begins in Province 2

KATHMANDU: The voting under the much awaited local level elections began in Province 2 this morning.

The Province that includes eight districts--one metropolis, three sub-metropolises, and 59 rural municipalities--are electing representatives for 136 local levels.

People thronged the voting centres since early morning, Election Commission Spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal was quoted in Rastriya Samachar Samiti as saying.

He further added that the people are utilising the cool weather morning for voting as the temperature in the Tarai districts increases during the afternoons.

Province 2 is electing a total of 6,627 representatives during this third phase of local level elections.

The voting will continues till 5:00 pm today.

The Election Commission has also put forth an alternative measure for those who happened to miss/lose the Voter ID card to cast the votes. Such people can cast their vote after showing their citizenship certificate or passport, however, they must have their names in voter's list.

The representatives from the diplomatic missions have been allowed to observe the local polls in Janakpur, Bardibas, Birgunj and Simara.