Waiting for darling of Press

Kathmandu, January 24:

Given the manner in which journalists accost him, Prachanda remains their unchanged hero and saviour. He not only attracts news-hounds but drops quotable quotes. This became evident today.

The venue was PM GP Koirala’s official residence and the occasion was a reception thrown by Koirala to welcome members of the interim parliament.

The time given was 2:30 pm. Many participants had already made themselves comfortable on chairs, but Prachanda was yet to arrive. The fact that no reporter had moved under the tent suggested they were waiting for him.

The Maoist supremo arrived at 2:28 pm. What followed next was a virtual stampede that involved Prachanda, television cameramen, reporters and photographers. Soon scribes soured questions before a time came when he had senior bureaucrats et al to talk to. Certainly, this man is not known to get tired while doing the talking. Literally. What has taken him to the dizzy heights is his capacity to drop a bombshell.