Overgrazing causes Khaptad moorlands to sink

DIPAYAL: The moorlands in Khaptad area of the Far-Western Region are gradually sinking due to overgrazing and lack of protection, of late.

Various cracks surfaced on the lands have lessened the beauty of the popular tourist destination.

Altogether there are 52 big and small moorlands in the Khaptad area, but many of them are on the verge of losing their existence.

The flow of Triveni River in the area has also increased the risk.

Recent changes in the environment, overgrazing and soil erosion are some of the reasons behind deteriorating condition of the area.

Hundreds of livestock farms constructed by the people of Achham, Bajura, Doti and Bajhang in the area cannot be shifted as they are operating here for a long time.

As the moorlands of Khaptad, famous for natural and religious tourism, are sinking, the concerned authorities should take a proper step for the conservation, suggested locals.