Bhojpur, June 16

Pauwadungma Rural Municipality has started extracting water through the deep boring system after drinking water crisis hit the locals hard in Bhojpur.

The rural municipality has taken the initiative of extracting water through deep boring system after the villagers started shifting to another place due to shortage of water.

Work is under way to extract water from Chamtang in the rural municipality.

According to the rural municipality, water is being extracted with the use of technology after water resources started drying up.

Locals looked elated hoping that the drinking water problem will be resolved soon.

Manju Karki, a local, said drinking water problem persisted in the village and many people had left the village due to water crisis. “We are very excited as the rural municipality has started the noble work of providing service to the villagers,” she added.

The rural municipality has started work to resolve the drinking water crisis in the upper areas of the rural municipality.

Rural Municipality Chairman Kiran Rai said they had started the work of resolving the drinking water crisis with the aim of providing one tap per family. He said they aimed to distribute water to Bastim, Sanudungma and Thulodungma.