Water level in Kulekhani dips

HETAUDA: Water level in the Kulekhani reservoir built to produce electricity during the peak hour has gradually been decreasing. The water level has been depleting at the rate of 30 centimeters a day as the project has been running round-the-clock to compensate the effectsof increasing load-shedding.

Nepal Electricity Authority has been using Kulekhani project as a back up for power shortage and was meant for the dry season to meet emergency requirement. The water level in the reservoir, which could hold up to 1,530 meters, has dropped by 1,505 meters on Tuesday afternoon. According to technicians, the reservior will stop generating electricity when the water drops to 1,448 meters.

The reservior which could store water up to 1,530 meters, was able to retain 1,517 meters due to scanty rainfall. Sachidananda Mishra, head of the project said the project had to be operated to its full capacity due to the decreased level of production in other hydel projects.

Mishra also said that the reservior, which was meant for eight-hour use every day, is being used round-the-clock. Mishra said the project is currently generating 30 megawatt of power, which is half its actual capacity, due to malfunctioning of two machines, which are under maintenance. He also informed that another project—Kulekhani III— is coming into operation from 2012. The project is expected to generate 14 megawatt of electricity.