Water level soars in Saptakoshi River

Rajbiraj, July 23

The water level is continuously rising in the Saptakoshi River after incessant rainfall in the eastern hilly districts from last Tuesday.

According to technicians at Koshi Barrage control room, water flow was gauged at 242,725 cusecs per second today noon. Out of 56 sluice gates, 29 were opened to drain out the water at the barrage.

Earlier, at 8:00am today, the water flow was measured 216,210 cusecs per second. The water flow was 235,000 cusecs per second eight days ago. On that day, out of 56 gates, thirty five were opened.

Though built to withstand 1,200,000 cusecs per second, the capacity of the barrage has sapped due to sedimentation to the north of the barrage. When the water level crosses 200,000 cusecs per second, a red flag is flown to indicate danger, said barrage technicians.

A number of VDCs including Gobargadha, Hanumannagar, Yoginiya, Bhardaha, Bairawa, Sampura, Malhaniya, Barmajhiya and Sunsari’s Kusaha, Madhuwan, Rajabash, Pulthegaunda in Saptari have been affected by flood in the Saptakoshi every year.

Local Rambharosa Yadav said that Gobargadha village of Hanumannagar Yogini Mai Municipality was inundated.

Water flow is increasing swiftly in the local streams, including Khando, Mahuli and Jita Khola due to incessant rainfall in Saptari.

Many villages have gone under water while locals fear they could be displaced.

Saptari Police said that the DAO had asked the locals of Shakarpua and Tilathi VDCs to shift to safer places.

Majority of the residents from these VDCs have been taking shelter in nearby schools and highlands after flood water gushed into their houses.

As many as 40 houses have been inundated in Rajbiraj Municipality-5 while flood water has entered 40 houses in Rajbiraj-8.

Flood in Mauli Khola has submerged wards 4, 6,7 and 8 of Porta VDC.

Local Ram Sewak Yadav said that 250 houses were inundated in Porta, while the erosion caused along the local road section had disrupted people’s movement.

According to Yadav, 50 houses were inundated at Bhardaha VDC.

Likewise, flood in Jita River has inundated 100 houses in Mahadev VDC, 50 houses in Bathnaha VDC and 25 houses in Bhagatpur.

Meanwhile, District Disaster Rescue Committee Saptari today urged the locals living downstream of Koshi and other local streams to move to safer places and stay alert, said Saptari Chief District Officer and disaster rescue committee Chairman Baldev Gautam.