Water sources drying up

Khotang, May 1

Residents of a number of VDCs in Khotang district have been reeling under acute shortage of drinking water after water sources started going dry in the district.

As many as 300 households in Banpala and Jorsimal of Chyamsitar VDC have been affected after water sources went dry some years ago.

It is said that only dry water spouts can be seen along the mid-hilly Lokmarga in the Halesi-Jayaram road section. It is very difficult to believe that there was a water source in Jorsimal once.

Hundreds of locals are compelled to fetch water from Kaijale after water sources in the VDC went dry.

As many as 45 households at Durchhim, Badahare have to fetch water from Bhutiya after the sources went dry there.

Sharmila Pariyar, a local of Chyamsitar said that locals had to walk two hours to fetch water from a nearby source every day. “The villages throng for a pot of water in Bhutiya,” she added.

Pariyar said that she used a pot of water for cooking, cleaning and even for cattle.

Head teacher Shivaji Adhikari of Deurali Primary School at Chyamsitar said locals were more worried about water than food. “It is a shame that water is more expensive than food items,” he informed.

Villagers of Dikuwa have had to fetch water from Dikuwakhola after water sources in Narchhipa and Langma rivers went dry.

Ramesh Rai, a social worker of Dikuwa said villagers were reeling under acute shortage of water after water sources in Kharkhola, Badahare, Sisau and Rashu rivers dried up.

He further added that as many as 27 households were compelled to bring water from Chisapani because of this.

Tara Chandra Basnet of Lichhkiramchhe said locals were compelled to fetch water from Gore Khola. “The villagers started to sell cattle due to water crunch,” he said, adding that water was insufficient for even human beings.