Way cleared for construction of medical college

Dhangadi, October 26

A government decree to fell trees in Geta, Kailali has paved the way for construction of physical infrastructure for Far-west Medical College.

Construction work remained stalled for the past four years owing to government indecisiveness on the issue.

The government has designated 51.8 hectares of land containing 453 trees at Geta, Kailali for construction of the medical college. Delay in environmental impact assessment had thrown the project into limbo.

College Infrastructure Development Committee member Hemraj Pujara said they have already started felling trees. “The trees will be felled to begin infrastructure construction,” Pujara added.

Samita Trade and Suppliers has been awarded the contract to chop down trees. Pujara said the two buildings for the college and hospital would be constructed in the space. “We shall issue a tender for the hospital with 300 beds and a medical college building shortly,” Pujara said.

The government has allocated Rs 840 million for infrastructure development of the medical college this year. The then government had announced to establish a medical college in Geta of Kailali in 2066 BS.

Around Rs 130 million and Rs 40 million were allocated for the construction of an administrative building and road respectively last year. However, the budget was frozen due to indecisiveness.

Pujara said the government had failed to issue an order to fell the trees as Multi DC Plenary Consultancy, which was entrusted with submitting the environmental impact assessment report, failed to do so within a one-year deadline.

Rabina Construction Service, which was awarded the contract to construct the administrative building of the medical college, had recalled its staff to Kathmandu when it became apparent that construction works would not begin in the stipulated time. The company had sought Rs 20 million in compensation.

College Concern Committee Chairman Prem KC stressed on starting work on the construction of infrastructures of the medical college at any cost.