Kathmandu, July 27:

Leaders of Indian political parties, who arrived here yesterday heading a Nepal Chetana Yatra, said today Indian political parties and the people will stand by the Nepalis.

“We express solidarity with the democratic exercise,” said DP Tripathi, general secretary of the Indian National Congress. Addressing a programme at the Reporters’ Club, he termed the Yatra a collective expression of revolutionary greetings to the citizens of Nepal.

The delegation consists of representatives of major political parties. On their journey from New Delhi, the delegation organised 60 mass meetings in India, where they discussed the political changes in Nepal and its impact on India.

“Nepali citizens are capable of resolving their problems on their own. We will stand by any decisions they take for the welfare of their nation. We don’t want to comment on the ongoing developments here — whether it is about United Nations involvement in the peace process or the declaration of Nepal a secular state.”

HN Sharma, a long-time aide to former prime minister of India Chandra Shekhar, wished for peace and prosperity in Nepal without violence. “Let monarchy perish and democracy thrive,” he said.

Stating that Nepal needs democracy, he said it should be achieved strictly by embarking on the Gandhian path of non-violence.

Mohan Prakash of the Congress (I) said India only wanted a democratic, prosperous, developed and stable Nepal. “India will not shy away from helping Nepal,” he said.

Earlier in the morning, Tripathi had handed over the Chetana Dwaja sent by Shekhar to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. The team also conveyed best wishes of Shekhar, who has been helping in the democratisation of Nepal for long.

The delegation will meet leaders of different political parties.