We will opt for directly elected presidential system: Dahal

Kathmandu, October 22

CPN-MC Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal said he would opt for directly elected presidential system once his party and the CPN-UML unified. He said this in an exclusive interview with THT at his Lazimpat residence.

Asked if they preferred directly elected president or prime minister, Dahal said they had not decided yet. “We might reach consensus on directly elected executive presidential system. That would be better,” he added.

The CPN-MC has advocated directly elected president, while the UML prefers directly elected prime minister.

Dahal said ‘The Nepali model of socialism’ will be at the heart of the new party created after the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre unite. These parties have announced they will unify after parliamentary and provincial elections are over. Dahal said the Nepali model of socialism will focus on social justice and balanced economic development. “Attempts will be made to narrow down the disparity between the rich and the poor; the haves and have-nots,” he added.

“We will present our roadmap of socialism as a tool to move the country forward when the left alliance wins majority in the Parliament. The unified party will move forward on the path of socialism with its new ideology, Dahal argued. He said the constitution was a common document that would guide the future path. “We shall move peacefully through the competitive process and contest elections as per constitutional provisions.” Dahal said.

When asked to clarify on the charge of rival parties that the left alliance would establish a communist styled totalitarian regime, Dahal said the charge was baseless.

“We will move forward peacefully and competitively abiding by the constitution. We will try our best to take the country on the path of socialism. All of us must follow the constitution,” he said.

On the allegation that China had a hand in the formation of the UML-MC electoral alliance, Dahal said the Chinese had absolutely no role. He said, “China had no role, but they might be happy when the left alliance proceeds in Nepal. It is wrong to say the Chinese have invested in creating the left alliance.”

The left alliance favours a system with executive head of state rather than the Westminster model of parliamentary system.

“We will try our best to move towards directly elected executive head,” he said.

He dismissed speculations that the left alliance and eventual unification would undermine democracy as it would seize state power. “These are baseless charges. Forces that are staring at their defeat are saying this to mislead the international community”