‘We will retaliate if government pushes statute amendment bill’

Kathmandu January 5

The CPN-UML today said that the House obstruction will continue until the government withdraws the constitution amendment bill from the Parliament.

Addressing a press meet organised by Press Chautari Nepal to inform about preparations for tomorrow’s mass assembly, UML Chair KP Sharma Oli said the government should not push the constitution amendment bill following the Supreme Court’s verdict.

He said that anything which is against the constitution will be invalid as per the SC ruling and the amendment bill registered by the government in the Parliament violated the constitutional provision.

“What will the UML do if the government pushes the bill forcefully? Its answer will be tough. We will retaliate accordingly,” warned Oli.

He hoped that the government would withdraw the bill before the Sunday’s House meeting and the UML would not have to obstruct the House. “The SC verdict has given respectable cause to the government to withdraw the bill,” he added.

He said the government, ruling parties and Madhesi parties have understood the spirit of the SC verdict that the boundaries of federal provinces cannot be amended without the decision of federal assemblies and they have demanded amendment of article 274 of the constitution.

Oli said that the UML’s obstruction is not like the previous obstructions, which were imposed for petty things and the bill is not acceptable to his party.

“They have been saying that the bill will be passed with the consent of the UML. In which planet are they? Or have they been imagining. Or do they think they can say anything,” he questioned, adding, “We have been speaking in Nepali that we will not let the bill pass.”

Saying that demand for amendment in the federal boundaries was the demand of organised and directed groups, Oli said that separating hills and Tarai could not be the demand of Nepalis. “They are taking something and again creating problems,” he said, elaborating that the demands of Madhesi parties have changed after every lunch and breakfast meeting.

He also said that the UML will not compromise on issues such as nationality, democracy, social justice, national unity and prosperity and cannot tolerate humiliation of dignity.