We won’t get mired in anti-Sino plots: Baburam

New Delhi, November 19:

Nepal will not be a part of any designs of the west to make India and China fight, Dr Baburam Bhattarai said at an interaction of Nepal Democracy Solidarity Committee today.

Some western nations in the past, he said, had used Nepal to bring India and China close to fighting a war, but from now on Nepal will never be a part of their designs.

He made it clear that the Maoists have neither laid down their weapons nor are attempting to grab power on the strength of their arms. “We will never be part of designs against India and China,” he said, adding that even the Royal Palace of Nepal has benefited from the war between these two countries.

Maoist supremo Prachanda said that relations between Nepal and India have acquired a new tinge. “We desire that the past treaties between the two countries be revised and reviewed to suit the need of the hour,” he said.

“We are for a review of the Indo-Nepal Peace and Friendship Treaty,” he said. “All other treaties that have validity should continue to stand. However, we are not for continuing the treaties in the same spirit that were agreed upon during the Rana regime.”

Prachanda said his India visit was “a complete success”. “It has become more successful than I had expected and we are heartened with this visit,” he told journalists. “We were received with warm hospitality,” he said. “Though we have not had meetings with ministers and government officials, we are able to give our messages to the Indian government through the media,” said Dr Bhattarai.

The duo today went to see former Indian Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar at his residence prior to leaving for Kathmandu. “Prachanda and Dr Bhattarai went to see Chandra Shekhar to honour his contribution in attaining democracy in Nepal,” said president of Janaadhikar Surakshya Samittee India, Laxman Panta.