Wealthy Birgunj doctors soft targets for Tarai armed outfits

BIRGUNJ: Medical doctors in Birgunj have been feeling insecure, of late, owing to threats and donation terror of various armed groups operating in the Tarai. Protesting against the threats, doctors today staged a rally after

activists of armed groups planted a bomb in the

house of Dr Rajendra Shah, Narayani Sub-regional Hospital. The doctors have condemned the incident.

Doctors complained that they living under threat

and are coerced to donate money to the armed outfits. Rabindra Singh, chairman, Nepal Doctor’s Union Narayani Zone, said, “Underground armed outfits have targeted doctors and also at times next of kin of patients do not spare doctors even when minor mistake occur during treatment.”

Activists of Jwala group

had announced that they would take action against Dr Shah after he refused to pay the sum demanded by them. Reputed doctors like Dr Rakesh Barma, Dr Dhirgharaj Arasi and Bhogendra KC have been displaced from Birgunj due to growing threats and donation terror.

Dr Gopal Prasad Parajuli

is also all set to desert

Birgunj because of growing insecurity.

Officials from Nepal Doctor’s Union Narayani and doctors from other hospitals had participated in the rally that started from Narayani Sub-regional Hospital.

The agitating doctors had staged a sit-in in front of the District Administration Office for a while.

Rabindra Singh, chairman, Doctor’s Zonal Union,

handed over a memorandum to administrative officer, Prakash Pokhrel demanding security.

Meanwhile, Rabindra Singh, one of the agitators, warned of indefinite strike in the Narayani Sub-regional Hospital if acting Chief District Officer Rambilas Yadav failed to turn up at the office of Doctor’s Union for talks.