Most places in the country would remain partly to generally cloudy and there is a possibility of rainfall and snowfall at some places due to the influence of the Westerly wind.

Meteorologist Shanti Kandel said that light rainfall has been forecasted at one or two places in hilly areas of Province 1, Gandaki and Sudurpaschim Provinces while light snowfall at high-hilly and mountainous areas is likely.

Kandel said, "The impact of the Westerly system will remain till Wednesday evening. However, there is no possibility of heavy rainfall."

Some of the hilly areas of the country have now been witnessing partly cloudy condition while weather of remaining areas is generally fair.

As per the Meteorological Forecasting Division's weather update, minimum temperature is 7.0 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature is 24.4 degrees Celsius in Kathmandu Valley while Jumla has recorded the lowest temperature of 1.0 degree Celsius, in the last 24 hours.