Wedding that cost Rs 42!

Biratnagar, February 23:

A youth of Mrigauliya-7 in Morang district has set an example by spending just Rs 42 in his wedding ceremony with a Dalit girl.

One 20-year-old Krishna Dhungana tied the knot with 17-year-old Kopila Pariyar, who belongs to the Dalit community in his own village, yesterday.

“I bought Pote (glass beads) for Rs 40 and Sindur (vermilion powder) for Rs 2 from local Itahari Bazaar,” Dhungana said. Their inter-caste marriage ceremony was held at Radha Krishna Temple in Itahari at the initiation of Public Awareness Group (PAG), an NGO working for the uplift of Dalit community, defying the practice of barring Dalits from entering temples. Dhungana, a member of simple farmer family, has passed SLC but is unemployed at present.

Dhungana’s parents, however, are not happy with their son’s choice. Dhungana immediately registered his marriage in the VDC office. Dhungana said he always believed in ending discrimination based on caste.