Where tipsy hubbies are sent to jail

Biratnagar, May 29:

Aided by other women, Gulesa Began of a Muslim settlement in Biratnagar-22, who had been bearing the atrocities meted out by her drunkard husband for many years, handed him over to a nearby police office.

“My husband Muhammad had been ill-treating me for years. Unable to withstanding his atrocities any more, I handed him over to police,” Gulesa said, adding: “His activities are not tolerable.”

A mother of six children, Gulesa said: “My 15-year-old son is helping run the family. By drinking alcohol, my husband burns all the money earned through rickshaw-pulling.”

“Initially, she did not want her husband released, but agreed to his release after her husband vowed not to drink alcohol again,” said inspector Jivan Shrestha of the Area Police Office, Rani.

Domani has also been facing the same problem. Her husband Sorab Miya escaped when he came to know he was about to be handed over to police, villagers said. According to inspector Shrestha, women of the settlement want their tipsy husbands arrested.

Launching a campaign, women have been demanding that their drunkard husbands be arrested. Some of them have handed their drunken men to police. “I got involved in the campaign as my husband left me after three months of our wedding,” said 16-year-old Anguri Begam.