Wild animals destroy crops worth millions of rupees

Bara, November 17

Hundreds of the peasants of Jitpursimara Sub-metropolitan City -18, Bara, seem worried and in panic state after wild animals destroyed their crops worth millions.

Farmers of the ward complained to authorities concerned that wild animals destroyed huge amount of their produces during night time. Wild pig, boar and blue cow, among others, destroyed a huge amount of maize, potato, beans and other vegetables in the last few months.

Jalandhar Mahato Koiri of the locality regretted that vegetables worth more than Rs 300,000 were destroyed by wild animals this year. “I took 10 kattha land on lease paying Rs 2,000 per kattha and cultivated vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and brinjal. But wild beast destroyed all vegetables. Last year, she earned more than Rs 250,000 from vegetable farming.”

Another farmer Sarmila Dahal said her family was facing a hard time to make their ends meet due to loss of huge amount of vegetable. “I grew vegetable taking loan. Wild animals destroyed it all. Now, how to recover the loss?” wondered Dahal.

It is not only the farmers of Jitpur-simara sub-metropolis who are facing a difficult time due to wild animals; almost all farmers of the district are troubled by them. Beasts have destroyed agro produces even at district headquarters and its vicinity. Victims are seeking permanent solution to their problems.